Raven's Feather

Deep into the foul swamp

The party departs into the swamp after resting at Argus’s place overnight. They trudge into the swamp and find it difficult to traverse over the stretches of mire especially as they soon encounter more of the Lizard men that they fought off in the village.

As the adventurers trek further into the swamp they find themselves in a unusual darkness. Almost no sun filters through the tops of the trees and even the light that does seems tainted. As they contemplate what is going on they are attacked by a group of insubstantial beings that attack the group’s life energies. After fighting off the creatures and moving on the group finds the darkness to have lifted somewhat and their spirits high once again.

They come across a fellow traveler in the swamp by the name of Dirk Dark. This Drow seems a simple man but seems capable enough to take care of himself in this dangerous area. He wants nothing to do with the group and only wants to head on his way, but Jett had other plans for him. Taking advantage of their number, and a wound that Dirk Dark recently incurred, Jett strong arm’s Dirk Dark into helping them. Since he was injured and can’t really provide any tactical support he instead gives him all he had left of a friend who had fallen in combat while in the swamp… a magical cloak.

As the group adventures ever farther they see a shining treasure pile and they venture towards it, only to be ambushed by a young black dragon. The group fights it off and finally Ea deals the final blow. The group collects the dragon’s treasure hoard and Ea takes the dragon’s horn as a trophy.

They leave the swamp and meet back with Argus. They discussed the dragon and Argus gave them a relic in which they can communicate with him should the need arise, and he agreed to help do some research for them. The next day they head back to the guild. After a few days of traveling they reach guildtown and meet back up with Mary Anna with the results of their trip. She is very worried about these occurrences of dragons within the Tamenly borders. She tells the group that she will research it and that they should talk with Neiman for the time being for quests.



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