Raven's Feather

Fine Art and Plauged Lands

The group heads back to Tamenly City to rest after they fought and bested the young Dragon. The next day the spend in the city in the Library trying to find if it truly is the greatest in the land, but after a few hours of trying to get through the red tape to get to the advanced Magical Tomes, and finding nothing of significant importance the party heads down the street to the Art District.

The party meets David the artist who made the statue that was stolen and ended up in the Dragon’s possession. Currently Ko’Dan and his group are still being blamed for the theft. They question him about who may have wanted the statue, and a little about his past. After once again finding no solid leads they head to pray that Ioun’s fate for the group lead them down the correct path.

They get back to the guild hall and Neiman and the rest of the guild cheer for the party. He explains that the groups probationary period is over and everyone really likes our adventurers, and thinks they’ll make a fine addition to the guild. He touches everyone in the group and they acquire a magical tattoo of Raven’s Feather guild tattoo. They are now official members of the guild. As they go to join in the celebration Mary Anna greets them. They show her the stolen statue, and as they tell her the story of how they came to find it she stares in disbelief. Only once the party shows her a Dragon scale that fell from the creature as it was slain. She immediately recognizes that this scale is fresh from a dragon because after about a week a dragon scale will lose it’s sheen, and this one is still bright and gleaming. Mary Anna tells them to hide it away. She is worried about the repercussions it could have, and asks the party to keep it a secret while she discusses what ramifications it could have with Neiman and other guild elders. In the mean time she asks them to enjoy themselves during the party.

As the party goes on Jett ends up with a Pot on his head, and Benion with a lamp shade on his. They mock battle on the tables while Timbrick narrates a sword fight they enact. Meanwhile at some point during the night Ea receives a letter mysteriously… On it is a warning that the message is meant only for her. As she opens it she sees written:

They know you have left the city and have gone to Guildtown. Make sure you make your allies your true friends, because you will need their help before too long.

At the bottom of the paper is a crest of a pair of horns and an open palm surrounded by flame, and as she is finished with the letter the flame on the paper starts to glow and turn orange and the paper is burned up in an instant.

The evening ended without any more incidents and the next day the party met with Mary Anna once again. She had talked to the Elders of the guild and they agreed that things needed to stay quite while they investigate more odd occurrences. For such a large white dragon to be this far south is unheard of, and the magic needed to keep the climate suitable for it would be immense. Mary Anna asked the party to investigate another area that may have some magical influence. The small land of Fentown has in the past two days suffered from a rotting aura emanating from the swamp. The guild has a request to investigate the swamp for another powerful magical force. The party took the job, and set off toward Fentown.

While the group was still outside of the borders of the small village they already began to see the rot. It was unnatural and consuming all plants in it’s path. As they closed in on the village they heard screams and saw fire in the sky on the Northern border of the town, and as they ran to see what was happening they saw a single robed man singing in a low tenor voice and directing fire balls at short frogmen Bullywugs. As he slew them in great numbers one got past his defenses and knocked him unconscious. As the bullywug approached the party came to his aid and defeat the frogmen. Wave after wave of them attacked, but the party slew them all, and as they did the contagion that plagued the flora began to dissipate.

Finally the true enemies were revealed when the bullywug’s numbers diminished. Lizardmen were the ringleaders of the raid. The battle was fierce with the Lizardmen. Eridas and Jett teamed up when Eridas layed down a bond of retribution on their leader, and then Jett danced like a flame through combat incurring 6 attacks against him. Though it weakened him greatly, he escaped but the Lizardman leader did not. In the end the took care of all the Lizardmen that had attacked the village.

The party meets the old man who was fending off the Bullywugs. The man introduces himself as Argus, a retired adventurer who now acts as the Mayor for the town. He lets them know that at first there was only a disease spreading through the crops but it quickly escalated to smaller raids of the Bullywugs and finally what they saw there today. He is delighted to see the young adventurer’s and sees a bit of himself in them. He shares some room in his house for the night for everyone to rest and some of his stories of his old adventures with the party before they head out the next day.



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