Raven's Feather

Greater Threats

As the adventurer’s head closer to the capitol they notice with their peripheral vision a wolf the size of an ox watching them. Without any more delays they make good time and can see the tall towers of the castle in the distance. As they head towards the city, ever vigilant, they hear a rustling in the brush. Thorn stealthily inspects ahead to see a group of Kobolds,though he can’t understand what they are saying, while Ea back in the group can hear and understand a word every now and again.

As they sit around trying to decide what to do the Kobold sentries spot them and a fight ensues. The group defeats the band of Kobolds, and find a short note giving the Kobold group instructions in Draconic to “Watch to make sure no one comes from the City towards the Big cave. There is only a few more days until we will be ready.” Faced with this ominous message and their time sensitive task, the group decides it to be better to head into the city and complete their primary task. They head to the Castle and find the Minister of Guild and give him the guild records of Raven’s Feather. He thanks them and sends them on their way.

When the guild heads to the guild inn they see another member of Raven’s Feather. While they eat he introduces himself to the group as Beinion Nostarion, a member of Raven’s Feather and of Ko’Dan’s team. He tells them an incredible story of bravery and daring that left him out of commission when his team returned and way-laid him in Tamenly City. He didn’t want to travel the roads home alone so he was awaiting another member of the guild to come by so he could travel with them. They accept his offer to travel though they aren’t quite convinced by his story, especially because they had heard a story going around town in the short time they have been here about a “fool of an elf” matching Beinion’s description having a tumble in the bar and getting an injury closely matching the one he described to you. You let him know that before you head home you want to find this “large cave” that was mentioned in the note the Kobolds had.

The group finds some information on the Only cave in the area and head south towards it. Once again they feel an unnatural chill, and after a bit snow starts to fall. As they continue the snow becomes a massive Blizzard. The adventure’s as stalwart as they are make it through the Blizzard without much of a problem, and find themselves in a Wintery Grove at the mouth of a cave. At the mouth of the cave is a Kobold preaching to a mass of other Kobolds about “The Master being great.” and how he will “Take his place as the ruler of this land.” Once again the group is spotted by the Kobolds and a fight ensues. The battle is tough, and the Kobold Wyrmpriest doesn’t make it any easier. The battle is ended in short order though when Timbrick pulls the Wyrmpriest into the fire and he flees into the cave screaming.

The group enter the Icy cave to see the Wyrmpriest groveling on his knees, begging for the master to save him. As soon as the group thinks that nothing is about to happen a large mass falls from the ceiling and yells in draconic “USELESS!” and gobbles up the pleeing Kobold. As the Creature turns to face the intruders in it’s cave the group sees it is a young white Dragon. A fierce battle rages on and everyone fears for their life, as the dragon rages and beats on everyone. Finally Ea says “enough is enough” and lays the killing blow on the dragon, and a single white scale falls off of it’s neck at her feet.

The group looks around to see that the magic that kept this area cold and frozen is quickly dissipating and they can see now where the dragon was roosting. A pathway up the cave wall was revealed and they found a hoard of gold and treasure. They also found a Small Bust of a woman labeled as “The Snow Queen”, and on the bottom they see that it is the Statue that went missing from the king’s museum.



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