Raven's Feather

Into the Forrest

Wherein our heroes meet wolves and elves, and dodge some arrows with their bodies.

We return to our adventurers on a day of simple pleasures: ale and friends. We find them sitting amongst both of these things on the morning of their latest adventure. The group relaxes and talks to their new friends over a few mugs of the Guild’s famous brews. They learn that their new friends, like so many other adventurers in Raven’s Feather, have been suspended from regular guild activity. This group consists of the twins Benowen and Talia, the looming Ko’Dan, and the quiet but radiant Isa. The crew learns that their new comrades had been framed at a recent security job. Someone had specifically set them up be the patsies for a statue heist. The statue, they learned, was crafted by up-and-coming artist David, whom the King favors.

As the group mingled with their fellow guild-mates, Mary Anna graced the crew with her beautiful presence. Mary Anna, looking beautiful, but frazzled, had some very important paperwork. The documents had to be delivered to Tamenly City within only a few days time. Since there are few others who are on active duty within the guild, Mary Anna had no choice but to ask the stalwart crew. Because of the time-sensitive nature of the delivery, Mary Anna instructed the group that they would have to travel west, through the King’s Woods, to get to Tamenly city. Hearing this, the adventurers jumped at the chance to prove their mettle, as well as to impress Mary Anna. Upon putting her trust in capable hands, Mary Anna excused herself and angelically departed. Before heading off into unknown territory, the group decided to consult the young barman William. He informed them about the serious wolf problem in the woods. “It is so much of a problem,” he stated matter-of-factly, “that not even the soldiers dare to enter anymore.” Thorn, the druid, just chuckled to himself knowingly. “I think we can handle a few wolves,” he said through jagged, smiling, shifting teeth.

Forward the adventurers traveled, entering the woods with druid-wolf in the lead. They quickly and easily discerned the slightly overgrown trail that leads to the capital city. Eventually, the party stumbled upon a clearing and noticed two abandoned tents. Upon closer examination, they soon discovered two corpses laying in the center of the campsite. TWANG! The invoker dove to the side in a magnificent fashion as arrows flew past. (Dodge may not have been as magnificent as writer remembers) The other adventurers performed similar, but certainly not as magnificent, dodges. Our adventures soon found themselves surrounded by wolves of the forest and what appeared to be elven archers. With staff and sword, tooth and claw, spell and prayer, and song and fist, the band struck back in defensive honor.

As soon as they pushed back one attack, more wolves and elves stalked out of the woods and surrounded the adventurers. As they fought off their relentless attacks, victory was soon determined. As the last wolf fell, the group quickly darted into the woods before they would have to face more ambushes. They moved through the woods keeping one eye on the path and the other over their shoulders in anticipation of another attack. It was in this fearfully focused mindset that our storied heroes entered another clearing. In the far end of the clearing, the adventurers spied what looked to be a wounded girl, unconscious and surrounded by wolves. Being the ever valiant and honorable crew, the group leapt into action against the ferocious wolves and hoped they could rescue the young girl.

As the battle continued between humanoid and wolf-kind, the sharp mind of the handsome invoker realized that the wolves seemed to be protecting the injured girl. But it was too late, the last wolf had already been defeated and it left go a great howl. The crew quickly administered first aid to the girl before more harm could come to her. She awoke with a great start and was immediately scared and suspicious. Soon the girl’s heart filled with anger at the what she saw around her. She demanded, as a member of a secret religious sect called the Vorgen’shi, that the group explain their actions. Upon hearing her use the name of her order, the Invoker remembered reading something once about the Vorgen’shi. They are a group of extreme naturalists within the elven culture who commune with nature and wildlife and will become a guardian spirit of nature.

The young priestess, believing the adventurers to be with the group of poachers who injured her, is intimidated by the crew. After all, they had attacked her brothers (both wolf and elven). The group had to quickly convince her that they were not here to harm her, and soon found themselves surrounded by more wolves. Eventually, through great tact and use of knowledge, the group was able to show her that they were victims as much as she was. Upon realizing this, the young priestess called off her four-legged brethren and offered two thoughts to the heroes. First, the crew would be granted free passage through he woods. No wolves shall attack them. The second was more of a warning. “There have been much more ominous things than wolves roaming the Forrest as of late,” she stated, “you would all do well to be mindful of such things.” With these thoughts echoing in their minds, the group acknowledged her kindness and stepped back into the dark wood…



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