Raven's Feather

Of Rats and Women

Vermin sicken me.

Our stalwart adventurers arrived on the doorstep of none other than the Raven’s Feather Guild Hall. Upon initiation into the guild, the group was granted access to its headquarters. It is a magnificent building, one with a heavy aura of magic. The main hall is a place of comfort and a social hub.

Upon arrival, the group was told to speak to William who was soon revealed to be a young bartender. William told the crew that they were expected and to make themselves comfortable while they waited for the person in charge. As the acquaintances waited, they each shared a bit about each other. If they were to work together, they figured that they should know one another. Soon, the adventurers learned that their battle group would consist of a Genasi Swordmage named Jett, a Razorclaw Shifter Druid named Thorn, a Tiefling Warlock named Ea, a Halfling Bard named Timbrick, and a Half-elf Invoker named Eridas.

As they talked, the group slowly began to make steps toward friendship. But just then, as all eyes turned, Mary Anna graced the room. She truly was the fairest maiden of them all. Mary Anna is the guild representative for Raven’s Feather, where she serves on the Guild Council. Her beauty knows no bounds and has received the attention of many a creature in the Raven’s Feather guild hall. As one adventurer, the druid Thorn, put it: “There are good things outside of the forest!”

Mary Anna told the group about some problems that the guild has been encountering of late. Many guild members have been accused, probably falsely, of misdeeds. Mary Anna and the guild can only sit by and bide their time. Upon excusing herself, citing she was busy, the starstruck adventurers (minus the Tiefling) were visibly heartbroken, but knew that this would not be their last encounter with the maiden.

Next, the group met with the Guild Master himself – the Wizened Neiman. He is an ambiguously older gentleman of gnomish heritage. Neiman proceded to task the group with assisting William (the wimp of a barkeep) and excused himself.

It turns out that William the Wimp has a bit of an infestation in the pantry. He is often responsible for retrieving foodstuffs from the magical pantry below the guild hall. Recently, there have been many troublesome rats that keep him from being able to perform his job. William asked the adventurers to clear the pantry for him.

So together the Tiefling, Genasi, a Razorclaw Shifter, a Halfling and a Half-Elf set off to assist the young William in his duties.

Down into the subterranean pantry did our faithful band of heroes wander and many a rat did they encounter. Dire rats and Giant Rats (aka R.O.U.S.’s) bit, scratched and clawed their way over the group, which totally skeeved them out…I mean…ew.

Nothing was more harrowing, however, than the Rat Swarms which seemed to take on its own essence, completely indistinct from the single vermin that comprised it.

Onward did the adventurers venture, onward and deeper until they encountered something even more harrowing than the Rat Swarm. They stumbled upon TWO rat swarms, which merged into the single most disgusting enemy yet: The Giant Rat King. Our adventurers fought valiantly and with some well-placed attacks, the team prevailed. The rats were no more. The Half-Elf gave the thumbs up with a sheepish grin. The swordmage, Jett, looked around the now empty room and with a stoic nod stated, “Victor-”

“THWACK!” went the wooden spoon and “Oof” went Jett. “You killed them ALL! Why? No, no, no, no, NO!” exclaimed the assailant. She wound up for another barrage of spoon attacks to which the group could only flinch.

Then came the calming influence of Neiman, who stayed the hand of the enraged chef, Schnitzel. As it turns out she was breeding and cultivating the rats for a specific reason. She was trying to “farm” them for a banquet that Raven’s Feather is hosting as a mission. She was using enchanted cheese to lure the most healthy and clean rats in the land, as they are a delicacy for the guests of honor.

The chef, resigning herself to fate, happily proclaimed that we all get to be the lucky taste testers for her delicious meal. After all, she wasn’t going to let all that pristine meat go to waste.

The adventurers then turned back, to head up to the main hall, not sure if they were feeling the sense of victory that was supposed to accompany a win. After all, did they truly win if they have to consume a Rat Bisque? Such a horrid Soup du Jour.

Chuckling to himself, knowing well the heavy hearts the adventurers were holding, Neiman permitted the band to help themselves to magical artifacts from the guild vault. They had, after all, performed well on their first task together. Together they selected items that they hope will aid each of them on their travels.

So together, the adventurers turned to face the long walk up the stairs to the Guild Hall, feeling a bit more knowledgeable about poisons (thanks to the rats) and very, very disgusted with them (also thanks to the rats).



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