Raven's Feather

The next year chunk of story

Neiman has a job just put on the books as part of a catering staff. The group meets Kriv the party planner from Snake’s Tongue and start serving horderves. It turns out the cook Cornelius was shunned from the group they were catering to because he talked about Magic foods. He began to exact his revenge and the party stopped him.

Neiman set the party up with a security detail during the Founder’s Day celebration. The group did a general patrol and got swindled out of some money by and older man. During the parade an attack was made on the crowned prince and the party chased after the would be assassin. They caught up to him and followed him underground, and a fight ensues. Meanwhile Beinion meets up with his old con artist teacher/partner Jackob, who sprung a trap which separated him from his friends. He informed Beinion he is working for someone big, and that Beinion should join him. Beinion returns to his friends and they break into Jackob’s hideaway and Beinion seemingly betrays his friends, but then double crosses Jackob. After nearly losing their lives the party beats Jackob, but he escapes them. As the party leaves they meet with Mary Anna who informs them that they are being blamed for the assassination attempt, and that they should run and head south to Hearthglen. The party leaves Timbrick who was hurt badly in battle and was still unconscious.

The party travels to Hearthglen and Isa meets them, tells them to lay low, and gives them a pendant that’ll glow when it’s safe for them to come home. The party notices many refugees in this town and can blend into the population easy. Some refugees get attacked and the party jumps into battle to save them. A group of clerics from the Way of Harmony (Erathis) and the Order of the Light (Pelor) come and see the group helping. Le’Jorn who leads the Way of Harmony sends the party to find a paladin named Jaryn who went off to stop a cult and hadn’t been heard from in months. He also sends his most promising student who is like a son to him, Shadra. The group spends 2 weeks traveling from town to town along the frontier finding info about the Paladin and his party. They finally get close when they get to a town and meet with Perrin whose town is being forced to be a stopping point for weapon shipment. His thumbs were cut off while he defended his town from a Mysterious Swordsman. The group leaves the town but is given directions to the black march where the cult resides. The party is attacked by a group of Dopplegangers disguised as Jaryn and the party confirms they are on the right track.

The group fights their way into the black march and to the town of Adakmi where the guards are suspicious of you since the Mysterious Swordsman posed as a cleric of Erathis and wrecked their town. The group is introduced to Bahdem Battlebeard who is the new Captain of Adakmi, who clears things up and lets the group know where the cultists are coming from. The Party employs the help of a local boatmaster to take them south along the river. They see smoke from a local town and beat up the attackers. When the party is camping for the night they are attacked by Jaryn’s right hand man. The Party continues down the river until they get to the Steps of Light (A ancient giants temple turned into the cults hideout). The Party pretends to be members of the cult and after a few days they get invited into the inner sanctum of the temple.

As the group was entering the temple one of the Dopplegangers that got away points out they are imposters. They run in and seal the door, which re-activates traps set here long ago. The Party fights through until they reach Jaryn and learn about how he gave up hope that people could act for themselves. After fighting with the party he tears his cultist necklace from his neck killing himself to try and redeem himself of his sins. After which the Demon Balruga that was controlling things appears and dosen’t find a new worthy vessel so he attacks. They defeat him and head back North to Adakmi. While in Adakmi the party discusses what they want to do next and decided that they want to follow after the Swordman in the mountain pass to the North, but first they need some rides.

The Party talked to Bahdem Battlebeard about procuring mounts for the trip and he told them they needed to discuss it with Alaria. She was very hesitant to give them the mounts, so she decided to test them on their Equine knowledge. They also met with a magic merchant Al-Hassim who had a spell that would let them summon spectral steeds. The party passed both Alaria’s test and bought Al-Hassim’s ritual and went on their way to follow the Mysterious swordsman. They got to his campsite and all they saw was a crater and felt magical energies. When examining the crater, they were attacked by a group of orcs. After defeating them, they followed tracks they
found for a while until the tracks disappeared and they found a camp of Revnant Dwarves who guard what is in the mountain so it doesn’t escape. They travelled the inside of the mountain evading undead forces and eventually found an heirloom belonging to Bahdem Battlebeard’s father (one of the revnant dwarves). They encountered some particularly tough undead but overcame them eventually, making their way to the cathedral. They overheard voices talking and found out the Mysterious Swordsman to be Riardon talking to his acquaintance Quinn. You overhear that Quinn has finished summoning or calling “another one” somewhere, and Riardon caused a ruckus because he was looking for a sword that ate magic. Riardon mentions something about a prophesy that “the ones trying to fix the world will have to at the appointed time face the two sets of three. The Orphan who Loves, The Orphan who Searches, and the Orphan who Hates; and the Runaway who Lies, The Runaway who Hides, and the Runaway who Steals.” They end up getting away before any questions are answered. The party noticed that both the pendant saying they could come home to the guild and the mirror for talking to Argus were glowing. Argus tells them about how they had been cleared of charges by Mary Anna and of an ancient army of mages who once visited spots where they met dragons during the wars that founded Tamenly. The 3rd spot these mages visited was The King’s Woods. Argus told the party he would contact them again when he had info. The Party got back to the Revnants and sealed the mountain back up and the undead were once again locked up. The Revnants thanked the party by offering them food and a place to sleep.



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